Practice Areas

Business Buy/Sell  

SLG represents clients on all aspects of the merger and acquisition (M&A) and business buy-sell process, including:

  • Process planning and preparation 
  • Broker representation contracts 
  • Owner & Management Buy-Ins & Buy-Outs
  • Private equity recapitalizations 
  • Asset purchases 
  • Stock sale transactions 
  • Letters of Intent 
  • Due diligence 
  • Drafting and reviewing definitive deal agreements 
  • Post-closing and integration matters 


SLG counsels clients regarding their staffing and employment relationships, including the following:

  • Hiring and related documentation 
  • Invention assignment and confidentiality agreements
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements 
  • Employee handbooks/manuals 
  • Termination and severance
  • Departing Employees and protection of trade secrets
  • Compensation matters including option agreements, profit sharing and bonus plans
  • Regulatory compliance, including responding to administrative action

Third Party Agreements

The terms of your agreements with vendors, suppliers, referral sources, dealers and independent contractors (“third parties”) can often be a springboard to growth, or leave you over the barrel. Once armed with a thorough understanding of your business, markets and the third party relationship, we can draft agreements that anticipate contingency scenarios, put the leverage in your hands, and sidestep nasty disputes that interrupt your momentum.

Intellectual Property  

What’s in a name? A logo? Your customer lists, new product plans, and formulae for doing business? Sometimes everything. We help companies develop a defensible strategy for their “secret sauce” including: 

  • Protection of Trade Secrets 
  • Securing rights in intellectual property assets, including inventions and trademarks 
  • Asserting and defending rights in your intellectual property 

Commercial Disputes

Sovereign advises clients on resolving commercial disputes. These matters require careful and customized strategies and execution, as they often involve relationships the client wants to preserve, if possible. Sovereign performs “early case assessment” to weight the relative strengths & weaknesses of the client position, and develop options for resolution. If and when necessary, Sovereign works with clients to interview, assess “fit”, and associate in highly experienced commercial litigation firms. Sovereign then typically oversees the litigation process to maximize efficiencies and minimize budget/expenditure.

Commercial Real Estate/ facility leasing

Land and facilities are critical assets for every business, whether they are owned (by the company or a related party) or leased. How you structure and document these are critical to your long and short-term strategies, key factors in enterprise value (i.e. when you sell the company). We work closely with clients to protect their interests against various future scenarios to ensure maximum flexibility and minimal disruption on the real estate side of the business. 


SLG represents clients in restructuring senior and subordinated debt, including negotiating forbearance agreements with lenders.